Paris Jackson Is Gorgeous & Ready To Be A Star But Aunt Janet…..

So apparently Paris Jackson wants to be an actress, wisely staying the hell away from music.. She’s gorgeous and very enthusiastic about acting but Janet doesn’t approve because MJ wanted his children to stay away from the cameras and Hollywood until they were at least 18 years old..

Michael always expressed that he didn’t have a childhood and it was important to him that his children get to experience some of the things he never did, things that no amount of money could buy but Paris is READY and she’s beautiful, had no idea she was going to be SUCH A LOOKER!!!

The film is called  “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys.” LOOK OUT FOR PARIS!!

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One Response to “Paris Jackson Is Gorgeous & Ready To Be A Star But Aunt Janet…..”

  1. I think that Janet is possibly just looking out for Paris. Remember the advice that people are giving Paris are coming from those who have been in the music industry since the age of 5/6. Everything that the family has done so far with these kids have been to make sure that its what MJ would have wanted for his kids. Though some of the ways that Janet has gone about doing it (though we really don’t know because we aren’t in the family) Paris should remember to respect her elders and what happens in this family is between this family and no one else.

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