Awwwww Yes!!!! We all know that Riri and Chris were out shopping when the whole incident happened but what we didn’t know was what she said to get his fist flying. They engaged in a heated argument where in which Rihanna whipped the keys to Chris’ rented Lambo and threw them outside the car. He went to retrieve them and when he returned the argument persisted. Chris made a threat, something along the line of “You gon get yo ass beat” and Rihanna reported belted “You can’t hit me I’m NOT YOUR MOTHER”!!!!!! That statement would warrant a quick hand from anyone… I don’t know Riri… You kinda asked for a** whoopin if you did in fact say that.


Furthermore Chris’ mother’s first husband or ex husband or whatever her situation is, was allegedly abusive towards her so this comment would have deeply angered him and the evidence of that anger is all over her face…


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