Geffen Records Changes the Locks on Solange?


With Keyshia Cole and Mary J Blige dropping underwhelming follow ups to mega albums there was no room for Solange to not go at least platinum (did she I don’t know, I doubt it)…a fact not lost on her label who reportedly let her go right around the same time the rumors about Columbia dropping Kelly surfaced. However, she has no Destiny’s Child to run back to in 2010 like Rowland… 

My sources report the following:

Geffen did a one-off deal with Music World Entertainment for Solange and wasn’t interested in doing a new contract with her. People at the label really liked working with her because other than her infamous news outburst in Las Vegas, she was a constant professional. There were challenges dealing with her camp, but Solange was great to work with. In the end, the CD didn’t sell despite Solange’s countless high profile appearances.

This is unfortunate but to tell you the truth despite great writing and great music Solange isn’t out singing or selling anybody and it certainly doesn’t help that she’s Queen B’s little sister…. I know she was infuriated when she showed up to work to find her keys useless…

But you know what…If she is nolonger apart of the label they are slow moving cuz she’s still appearing on there website as a artist. Click the image above to be forwarded to her interscope/geffen records profile…


3 Responses to “Geffen Records Changes the Locks on Solange?”

  1. Hmmmm….don’t believe this one.

    If it is true, I’m kinda hurt.
    Her album was really good and she has built a great little underground fanbase for herself.

    And it’s not always about “singing”. Solo uses her voice very well to express her lyric…at least in my opinion.
    I was listening to her album last night, and I couldn’t help but think that this girl is an above average singer. The average person can’t do some of the stuff she does.

    People just be talking.

  2. I don’t kno dude. If it’s true her then I kno why she was dropped and can’t be mad at the label. If u can’t really sing all that well there needs to be something else about u that draws interest from more then just a underground closet fanbase.

    I think her writing and her music is amazing but it sounds like someone elses, someone with a much stronger, soulful voice u kno…. her vocals don’t really match the music and that’s a is her second biggest problem…. ht e first bieng the constand comparison to Beyonce…

    I feel like she should be helping Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey or Jennifer Hudson wirte there hits instead of trying to produce her own..

    If she wasn’t dropped, which is likely then it’s only a matter of time before the label is bored and over her mediocre sales and highschool gym ticket revenue… Being the opening act for beyonce’s U.S leg of the “I AM” will be the biggest platform she will likely ever occupy….

  3. I agree, she should stop trying to be in the front and go behind the scenes and write for other artists.

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