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Trey Songz Delivers The WORST BET Award Show Performance EVERRR!!!

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AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This performance drained ALL the credibility this dude has earned over the past year. He came up so hard and had every reason to slay this award show but instead he embarrassed himself MISERABLY!!!

Kanye West Being Sued For Stealing “Stronger”!!!

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Kanye West is facing legal action now that a songwriter claims that he stole his idea to make his 2007 hit single “Stronger.”

Songwriter Vincent “Vince P” Peters filed a federal copyright infringement lawsuit Friday saying that Ye ripped off his original song under the same name and profited from it.

Peters claims that he gave a copy of the track to Kanye’s business manager John Monopoly in 2006 before it was featured on Ye’s Graduation album.

According to the lawsuit, Ye’s version is almost an exact replica of the song writer’s and it “copies significant and important parts of Peters’ lyrics identically or almost identically.”

More specifically, the lawsuit claims that both versions of the song reference model Kate Moss and state “that which does not kill me makes me stronger” and “can’t wait much longer.”

Rocafella Records and Universal Music Group are also named in the lawsuit.

The suit asks that West and the record labels stop the distribution, performance and selling of the copyrighted song and asks for an unspecified amount of damages.

Source: HipHopWired

That’s crazy, hope this isn’t true. Kanye samples MUCHO but I don’t think he would straight up steal music from someone else..

TrueClefMusic Talks The 2010 BET Awards!!!

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I think this was the best one since 2006!!! Kanye West returned, Tyrese channeled Teddy Pendergrass, Trey Songz embarrassed the sh** outta himself, Prince was honored by Alicia Keys & Patti Labelle and the Michael Jackson tribute performed by Chris Brown made me cry!!! I was so pleased with this years show!

I’m sure y’all remember last year was a complete mess, partly because MJ passed away a week or 2 before the show was scheduled to air and they had to blend tribute with what they had already come up with… The show was ALL over the place but this year it flowed soooo smooth!!! The only thing the show was missing was a fire performance from urban music’s Queen B, aside from that void, WELL DONE BET!!!

Most of the vids have been removed from youtube but I did manage to pull the Prince and MJ Tributes:


Ms Patti and Alicia DID THAT!!! Chris Brown had me crying like MJ died yesterday… I think that tribute was the best one thus far and exactly what Chris Brown needed to make things right with the industry. He has my unwavering forgiveness. I had forgotten how emmensely talented he is! WELCOME BACK CHRIS BROWN!!!

Oh Snap, Beyonce Label Is Gearing Up to Replace Matthew Knowles!!!

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Beyonce Knowles is still refusing to speak to her dad and manager, Matthew Knowles, after he fathered a love child with a woman 20 years his junior — and suits at her record label fear the rift could damage her career. The superstar singer was horrified when it was alleged last year that Matthew had an 18-month affair with 38-year-old Alexsandra Wright and DNA tests confirmed he’d fathered her son, Nixon, while still married to Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles.
Now, sources tell Page Six that relations between Beyoncé, who is very close to her mom, and her father have reached such a low point that executives at her label, Columbia, are worried.But one music industry insider said, “Beyoncé was horrified to find out her dad cheated on her mom. She always looked up to him, and she is very close to her mom, so this has hit her really hard. She is refusing to speak to him, which is making things difficult where it comes to managing her career. Some people at Columbia now think it would be better to move him aside.”
Source: New York Post
Dayummmmmm!!!! I didn’t know she wasn’t speaking to him. This really could hurt her career. Beyonce’s a beautiful girl but Matthew created all that she is. That whole family would be absolutely nowhere without him and by nowhere I mean back in the H doing hair in they mama salon. He messed up but they owe him everything. As much as it pains me to say it: They need to forgive him! If they don’t make it right her next album could suffer behind this…

Kid Cudi Lands Converse Endorsement!!!

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Very good! I‘m surprised anyone is putting him on paper after his behavior on the Gaga tour (punching a fan) and his rumored behavior at industry parties. He’s like Kanye on SPEED! Hopefully The Cuddler behaves himself for the time being…

HipHopWired reports the following:

Legendary brand Converse has linked up with Cleveland bred emcee Kid Cudi for the latest installment in the Converse Short Film series.

The short film, which follows Cudi in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio, traces Kid Cudi’s rise to stardom as he walks down memory lane with fans.

“I remember when I first started rhyming,” Kid Cudi states. “I didn’t know what to talk about and everyone said, ‘just talk about what you know’ and I did and it was on from there.”

Rihanna & Matty Buying There New iPhones!!!

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The new couple was scene out and about at the at&t store the other day buying the all new iPhone 4! I haven’t decided to upgrade just yet but I watched the promo vid and IT SLAYS!!!

Remembering The King of Pop!!!

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It’s been a whole year since the King of Pop was taken from us! He can never be forgotten! Love you sooo much Mj!!!

Here’s one of the best videos he ever created, “Remember The Time”, it’s going on two decades old but still somehow slays!!!