Trey Songz Responds To Recent Gay Rumors Via Twitter!!!

WOW!!! I guess he’s not going to publicly address these new rumors either but Twitter seemed to suffice a while ago when he was linked to Brandon Hines, an up and coming but still unsigned male artist. The new rumors link him and a RocNation A&R exec. If the rumors are false then Twitter is fine but the stacks are high and if he is seeing this male executive it’s a matter of time before they’re caught, photographed together or proven involved by the press which will no doubt be watching him with a VERY close eye. Good luck wit that Trigga..

Peep the Twitter response below:


4 Responses to “Trey Songz Responds To Recent Gay Rumors Via Twitter!!!”

  1. Yall need to get ur facts straight before u accuse ppl of doing something…….and trey songz is not gay

  2. Why is it when a male singer is doing beyond great right away people gotta open there mouth with some bs saying there gay? Trey is not gay!!!! If he or any other celeb was it wouldn’t be any of your damn businesses, it’s their life not yours so get your head out of your behinds. You can’t accuse anyone of being or believing their gay unless u witness with YOUR OWN EYES! pff bunch of incompetent people live in this world n naive. Trey I loves you 😉 stay strong n always keep that amazing smile that makes every female melt!

  3. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson Says:

    We your true fans got your back. We love you Trey!!!

  4. I don’t care what nobody say about Trey! I know he not gay . People don’t have nothing to do all day rather than sit in front of their computer nmand start rumors like get a life and hop off his top..

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