Keri Hilson “Pretty Girl Rock” Official Video!!!

Wow…. This is a terrible video, made me hate the song… Is she suppose to be Beyonce in that lace front wit the punks in that club scene??? Inappropriate. How you gon start your last album campaign diss’n B and start this one payin homage to her? The TLC one was cute but I didn’t feel this video at all. “Breaking Point” tanked and this single is gonna sink too. Her label better do something real quick or this album is GONNA FLOP! That be such a shame cuz “In A Perfect World”, her debut, was one of the greatest credits to r&b in a long time. Come on Keri, I know you can do better..


2 Responses to “Keri Hilson “Pretty Girl Rock” Official Video!!!”

  1. i think its a cute vid lol and u know damn well that aint beyonce ass. lol

    0:36 1920s - Josephine Baker

    0:37 – 1:01 1930s – Dorothy Dandridge

    1:02 – 1:48 1940s – Andrews Sisters

    1:49 – 2:13 1960s – The Supremes (Diana Ross)

    2:14 – 2:36 1970s – Donna Summer

    2:37 – 3:00 1980s – Janet Jackson

    3:01 – 3:25 1990s – TLC (T-Boz)

    3:26 – 4:13 Present – Herself

    the vid makes more sence once u know who everyone is. I love it

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