Kanye West “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” To Shift 550k and Claim Billboard’s Top Spot!!!

Early prognostications from industry gurus are pointing to a very handsome first week for Kanye West‘s new “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” Sources say the set could sell perhaps 550,000 by week’s end on Sunday, Nov. 28, easily securing it a No. 1 bow on the Billboard 200 next week.

Source: Billboard

YESSSSS!!!!! It’s a great album, certainly worthy of the top spot. In my opinion, Nicki came harder but the fans and the game has been waiting for “Good Ass Job” since 2007! A huge void has been filled with this release! What’s going to be really interesting is who gets the Grammys for “Best Rap Album”. Kanye took it home for his first 3 sets, beating out 50, T.I, Jay’Z and many others but for the first time his work is upped one by another… If Nicki releases the right singles and Young Money continues to guide her in the right direction she is going to be not jus the baddest chick in hiphop but the baddest chick in the game!!!


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