Jazmine Sullivan “Love Me Back” Full Album Review!!!

GREAT ALBUM! Vocals like Jazmine’s aren’t common in this game at all. She’s one of those singers that has decided to record r&b/soul whatever but should really be in a church somewhere slaying Sunday morning. Her voice is trully a GIFT FROM GOD!!!

Highlighted Tracks:

* Holding You Down

* Love You Long Time

* Luv Back

* Redemption

This are the best tracks on the album. Her next single needs to come from this list. “Holding You Down” was a great preview for the album, great song, soulful. If it was up to me, “Love You Long Time” would be her next radio submission. That song is everything!!!

Her music is so tangible and it’s been a while since I’ve been pushed to emotion like I am listening to Jazzy’s second album. She definitely came hard with this debut! I know the Grammy Academy is gonna be feeling it..

“Good Enough” and ” Don’t Make Me Wait” give Prince real hard! These two aren’t my favorites but they fit in nicely.

I don’t even like “Redemption”, there’s a great message in it but the producton and the arrangement is weak. It’s on that list of highlights because she TOOK ME TO CHURCH!!!! It has it’s place on this album and J Records should seriously consider sending it to the gospel market. Her vocals shine the brightest on this song.

Production: 4

Vocals: 5

Listenability: 4

Writing: 4

TrueClefMusic Rating: 4.25

Excellent follow-up to “Fearless” and I’m really proud of her. COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!


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