Between The Dungeon Dragon & The It Girl, Where Does The Queen B Fit In???

This is a question I’ve been asking myself again and again and again these past weeks.

Nicki Mnaj shocked the game and caught me completely off guard with her critically praised debut album, “Pink Friday”. I bought the album not expecting much at all but got a project that easily stands up to truly monumental hiphop albums like “The Blueprint III” and 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Trying”. The Dungeon Dragon is on top of the world right now, riding high on a nearly 400k debut, numerous radio hits and commanding 50k a verse. She’s unquestionably the baddest chick in urban music right now! Then there’s her collaborator, Rihanna…

The It Girl is hotter then HELL right now. Her album only debuted at #3 but she just nailed down two #1 singles within weeks of eachother and she’s breaking Billboard and radio records all over the world. “Loud” is “Good Girl Gone Bad” part 2 and she’s got at least 2 more chart toppers on this album and several potential others through collaborations with some of the top names in popular music, including long time friend Kanye West and the other subject of this article, Nicki Minaj!

The tragic thing about Beyonce is that she’s changed so drastically in the past 2 or 3 years. She’s not the phoenix she once was. She and her management have allowed SonyMusic/Columbia to water her down, package her and market her to a huge new audience she’s never appealed to before. Judging by the weak chart performance of most of her singles, they still aren’t feeling her despite the shinny new wrapper.I for one feel alienated and I know I’m not the only fan that misses that diva that use to have these other b****** shook, panic’n!

With Nicki Minaj being the fiercest b**** to come up since Beyonce’s debut almost 8 years ago and Rihanna taking full advantage of the fact that Lady Gaga is currently off the scene working on here new album; the climate is going to be EXTREMELY icy when B steps out with her new single.. We were actually suppose to hear that new music weeks ago but between Nicki’s media/radio blitz and Rihanna’s Billboard conquest, Beyonce is watching her steps and choosing them VERY carefully.

Now isn’t the time for her to come back. She’s no longer the baddest chick in urban music, she put that crown down to chase the white vote. Nicki picked it up and Rihanna’s keeping Gaga’s seat warm until February… Where does she fit now? The pressure is ON!!!! Beyonce just stole 6 Grammys, on the heels off the biggest sells stats of her career and her most ¬†commercial success EVER. Can she get us bodied this time though? Can she still slay in the mist of of a hungry Nicki trying to establish herself and a extremely prolific Rihanna running the show? Or will we finally see the cracks?


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