Keri Hilson “No Boys Allowed” Full Album Review!!!

Hmmmmm…. This one is iffy.. at first! Keri’s new album isn’t the fire debut that “In A Perfect World” was but “No Boys Allowed” is a solid album and a testament to her song writing prowess. Despite the foolish single choices and the way more the questionable “The Way You Love Me”, Ms Keri is still one of my favorites artist..

Highlighted Tracks:

– All Of The Boys

– Lose Control Ft Nelly

– Bayou Ft J Cole

– Let Me Down

– Breaking Point

“All Of The Boys” drew tears on this end, one of the realest love songs I’ve heard in a long time. She’s beast on the penz and writes from experience and her heart and you can really tell these are her words.

“Lose Control” sounds like something Rihanna passed on for “Loud” but it works, love it!!!

“Let Me Down” hit real too, even though it’s only a minute or so, love that song, love this album.

I’ll never forgive her for “The Way You Love Me”, FOOLISH! She also could have made better use of Chris Brown on “One Night Stand”, that weak vocal arrangement would have fit Trey Songz better. Chris’s voice is much stronger then that..

Again, it’s not the jewel that “In A Perfect World” was but it’s solid album.The production is on point even on the songs I don’t feel and she’s become a better singer over the years. Thank you Ms Keri..

The promo wasn’t handled right and she made some horribe singles choices after “Breaking Point” so I know this album isn’t gonna do sh** on that album chart, maybe a 3 or 4 debut but it’s solid!

Score Card:

Production – 5

Vocals – 4

Listenability – 3

Penz (writing) – 4

TrueClefMusic Rating: 4.00

I won’t say cop it immediately but it’s a good listen and I know there are a few songs that you’ll really love.


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