The 5 Artist Set To Own 2011!

Rihanna’s recent album “Loud” has already spawned 2 #1 singles but the project is crammed with radio/billboard GOLD. “S&M” and “Complicated” are almost sure hits and she’s got featuring roles with Kanye West & Nicki Minaj that are just as likely to chart well!

“Loud” debuted at #3 but has already been certified 5 or 6 times platinum around the world, not including her U.S tally. This album is “Good Girl Gone Bad” all over again and I hope that her peers are ready and equipped to handle her (cough cough Beyonce, cough cough Lady Gaga)

No one has had a better 2009/2010 then Lady Gaga. Her duel albums scanned 7 or 8 million copies world wide and EVERY single she sent to radio saw The Billboard Hot 100’s upper most hierarchy! Lady Gaga one of the most prolific and powerful chart forces we’ve seen in some time but she’s so much more then just another pop star. Unlike Rihanna, Katy Perry and Beyonce she’s an extremely talented and thought provoking song writer, a creative genius that saved the music video. Not since Michael Jackson has an artist video imagery been so sought after and praised.  She’s a prodigy, something that we haven’t seen in a long time and may NEVER see again.

Her new album “Born This Way” is due in February! The pressure is on but I believe she’s going to rise to the occasion and really please with the sophomore effort. The album has been finished for months, the bulk of it being recorded during her last albums tour and promo campaign. If she’s got another “The Fame” waiting for the game then it’s going to be extremely hard anyone else to get a word in.. Good luck Gaga, your little monster’s adore you and so does the True!

The new album picks up right where “Graduation” left off almost 4 years ago! “808’s” was an artistic piece but he could have missed me with that whole project and the Grammy Academy feels the same way (not a 1 nomination). The new album is in sharp contrast, no autotone, classic Kanye West!

The video for “Monster” is expected to hit the net any day now and Kanye’s got singles on top of singles packed into album #5! Rihanna, Kid Kudi, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj make valuable cameos, most of which will see radio and billboard! He debuted at #1 with almost 500k scanned his first week and EVERYONE is feeling “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. The Source even bestowed it’s coveted “5 Mics” honor on the new album, RARE ACCURANCE! RollingStone also gave the project top ratings across the board, something else that doesn’t happen everyday!

Mr West is set to make 2011 all about him!

She’s officially the baddest chick on the urban music scene! “Pink Friday” easily stands up to debuts like “College Dropout” and “Get Rich or Die Tryin”. “Check It Out” and “Right Thru Me” are HORRIBLE previews for this album. She really shocked me and most with the content. Nearly 400,000 people purchased the album it’s first week, the biggest female hip-hop debut first week since “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. She’s at about 700k overall right now and I’m so proud of her, officially a barbie!

Newly signed to Atlantic, up and coming rapper Wiz Khalifa is set to be “the new drake”. The chill, let’s smoke, have sex and be merry mood of his music is slowly but surely seducing hip-hop fans everywhere. He’s got featuring roles lined up and is working on his debut album. T.I and other high profilers are expected to cameo.

You may not know much about him now but I believe 2011 is going to be his blow out year..


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