Chris Brown Calls Raz B A D*** In The Booty A** Lil Boy!!!!!!

LOL!!! The whole thing started when Raz tweeted some negative sh** about Chris Brown and Eric Benet is relation to there treatment of Rihanna and Halle Berry. Eric, of course had nothing to say, at least at this point but Chris got Raz together REAL QUICK. Peep the tweets:

WOWWWW!!! Raz B will do ANTYHING FOR ATTENTION, SHUT THE F*** UP DUDE! Chris made a valid point; when the coins was coming in real hard a few years ago Raz B had ZERO complaints aout getting passed around by Marcus Houston and Chris Stokes, about all the head he gave in that house but now that the checks ain’t coming in like they use to n**** wanna throw everybody under the bus!!! Those dudes were his family, his brothers and he’s just trying to stay in the papers, on the blogs and get attention! NO COOL!

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