Toni Braxton Inks Reality Show Deal!!!

YESSSSS!!!! This is the first step on the road to recover. Toni’s last album “Pulse” flopped because despite her amazing vocals and obvious sex appeal, too many of us had forgotten who she was and the new generation never knew..

A friend of mine always calls her “the diva that almost was”, that’s so true. In the 90s, she was ranked with other big voices like Mariah Carey (friend), Whitney Houston and others. Though Mariah has remained an industry force and Whitney has entered her relic state, Toni is nearly UNKNOWN! This reality show is a great move for her and if it goes well we could be hearing a new album in the next year or so..

It’s called “Braxton Family Values” and will be airing on WE (Women’s Entertainment Network)!!! Push through Toni!


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