Rihanna’s The Baddest Chick In The Game… For Now!!!

Riri is killing it right now! “Loud” is selling like premo and she’s crowned Billboard’s Hot 100 twice already with “What’s My Name” & “Only Girl” in the world, bringing her hit count to 9 total! Rihanna’s got 2 to 3 more singles from “Loud” that are likely going to take radio and the charts by storm. She may move past Whitney and Madonna in as little as a year and a 1/2. Her collaborations with Nicki and Kanye West are both scheduled to hit radio soon and the videos for those songs have been shot! Those two potential hits on top of “S&M” and “Complicated” would bring her tally to 13, making her the only artist in the world that could possibly threaten Mariah Carey’s status at solo artist with the most #1 hits (18)!!!

While Rihanna is a beast, she’s going to face tremendous competition in the coming months. Britney Spears new single “Hold It Against Me” hits radio January 11th, this coming Tuesday and Lady Gaga’s new single is set to drop on Grammy night… Can she co-exist with those 2 supernova’s, can she stay as prolific, success and dominant as she is now??? Only time will tell…



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