Britney Spears Shatters Radio Records!!!

“Hold It Against Me,” Britney Spears’ newly-released single, broke radio records on its first day, shooting to #1 on iTunes.

Her label Jive Records says the tune, from Britney’s much-anticipated upcoming album, set the record for most radio plays on the first day of release. Industry analyst Mark McCabe says the track had 595 spins on Monday, a record for first or single-day play.

“Top 40 outlets across the country immediately put ‘Hold It Against Me’ in rotation and received instant-reaction airplay at America’s most-influential stations, including Z100 and WXRK in New York and KIIS and KAMP in Los Angeles,” McCabe said, highlighting the amazing numbers.

Earlier in the week, MTV News spoke with the program director of New York’s Z100 who told them, “When I originally heard it in December, it blew me away from the first listen, and the same thing happened when we played it on Elvis Duran’s morning show [Monday]; our Facebook and Twitter pages exploded. People are going crazy for it. They heard the leaked version and loved it, and now they’re loving the official version too. I can see it being another huge hit for her.”

Source: CelebBuzz

I first saw this on Twitter. People were saying that she broke Mariah Carey’s radio impressions record, had almost doubled it. FALSE! Radio spins and radio impressions isn’t the same and Britney now holds the record for most radio spins for a song on it’s first day of release. Mariah’s “We Belong Together” is the song with the most radio impressions, EVER! Radio impression hit 223 million in the song’s prime. NO OTHER ARTIST CAN FU** WITH THAT!

That said, congratulations Britney. “Hold It Against Me” is solid, classic Britney track and I know you’re gonna be very successful with it and your new album. Much love!

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