J-Lo Denies Ever Beef’n With Mimi!!!

Jennifer Lopez has dismissed reports that she is feuding with Mariah Carey.

The singer, who is gearing up for her music comeback this year, insisted that she is a “big fan” of Carey and that the pair have never been in competition with each other.

Asked by Carey’s husband Nick Cannon on his radio show if there was a “beef” between the two, she said: “Never has been for me at all. No, no, I’ve always been a big fan of hers. It’s all love from me. I feel really blessed in my life, and it’s not a competition with other people – it’s a competition with myself.”

Lopez also congratulated Cannon on Carey’s pregnancy, insisting: “You’re going to love it. I promise it’s going to be the best thing that ever happened to you guys and I’m so excited for you!”

You can listen to Nick’s interview with Jennifer Lopez here.

Source: Mariahdaily

Hmmmmm….. Lol, interesting… Back then, 10 years ago Mariah Carey was abruptly de-throned as the baddest b**** in popular music. Glitter tanked, film and album and the majority of the industry and the press wrote her off. J-Lo contributed to this by accepting a sample from “Glitter” that eventually became her hit “I’m Real”, that was Mariah’s original track for her single “LoverBoy” which led “Glitter’s” promo campaign.

Now the two are both Def Jam employees but back then J-Lo was Tommy Mottola’s newly signed artist. Mariah had just divorced that a**hole. He got a hold of Mariah’s sample and passed it on to Jennifer. Whether or not she knew it was Mariah’s or not is the mystery…

I love both divas, hope Jenny’s new album returns her to prominence and I’m so ready for another Mariah album. The Christmas set and “Memoirs” were GREAT PROJECTS!

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