Rihanna Ready To Check Britney Spears!!!

Last week Britney shocked the industry, becoming onlythe second artist in history to debut multiple times on the Billboard Hot 100! Mariah has done it 3 times but hasn’t achieved the feat in 13 years. This is monumental!!! Britney came out swinging with “Hold It Agains Me” and the video is on it’s way..

Right now Rihanna has a serious claim as the biggest pop star in the world and Britney is the only b**** that can seriously threaten that. That said, Rihanna has released the single art for her 3rd single “S&M”, has shot the video and her album “Loud” reigns a 4th non-consecutive week as #1 album in the world!!!

The gloves are off and the first heavy weight Billboard and radio battle of the year is about to be underway!!!! Gaga won’t enter the arena until Grammy night but her new single “Animal” hasn’t been well received. In light of Rihanna’s success and Britney’s epic moves on Billboard, she’ll likely switch gears and pull something a little more “The Fame” sounding to make sure she’s isn’t totally outshined by Queen B and The It Girl!

SideNote: Expect “S&M” to debut in the top 10 with at least 300,000 downloads it’s first week!

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