Soulja Boi Declares Himself “Sexiest Rapper Alive”???

Lol, well…. He’s definitely top 5 but sexiest? IDK bout all that… Peep the story and the cuttin up a** tweets below:
Soulja Boy is known for making outrageous statements on his Twitter account and Wednesday night proved no different.

The SODMG head who previously beefed with Fabolous on the social network, made an announcement yesterday to all his fans; he’s the “sexiest rapper alive.”

The 20-year-old didn’t stop there however he added that he was the “prettiest, sexiest, richest n*gga” anyone has ever seen and if money was equivalent to his good looks he’d owe everyone in the world $100,000.

He also adds,

Source: HipHopWired

Hmmmmm…. Lol, very interesting statements. He might be one of the sexiest but he sure as hell ain’t one of the best selling. His last album did about 13,000 units it’s first week. Get out the mirror and focus on your music Soulja Boy..


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