Kelly Rowland New Album Update!

R&B songstress Kelly Rowland has been tirelessly working to release her third studio album but several delays and music changes has hampered a store date. With singles like “Commander,” “Rose Colored Glasses” and “Forever And A Day” not making a big splash at radio or on the charts, eager supporters continue to wait for the long-awaited set from the former Destiny’s Child singer.

Rowland recently provide some update on the album via her website, stating that it’s been an “emotional roller coaster” but “shaping up beautifully.”

“I just wanna first start off by telling you all thank you SO much for being incredibly patient in waiting for the album. The making of this album has been an emotional roller coaster but empowering for me, which you will hear once it’s all done. I’m just taking my time to make sure it’s everything I want it to be. Just an FYI, it is shaping up beautifully! All the producers and writers are passionate masterminds, and I thank them for their creativity! Also, this album is NOT limited, I am not allowing ANYONE to put me in a box, with sound. That’s not where I belong. The album IS consistent sonically and I am writing, creating, having fun, and healing………it’s been a BLAST!!! I wanted to bring you guys up to speed with the album! I love you all dearly! And as soon as I have hard dates on release, trust me you know I got you! KR, xoxo.”

Source: SingersRoom

I like Kelly but I think she’s in the wrong hands. She doesn’t have a great following at all. I think she needs to focus on the fan base built by Destiny’s Child, make more urban music then try and crossover with songs like the ones she released last year. You have to have a core fan base before you can crossover and that fact seems to be lost on whoever is controlling her career. She needs a “B’Day” before she can have a “I Am Sasha Fierce”…


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