Jive FINALLY Changing The Locks on Ciara!!!

Well… I knew this was coming. The last 2 albums haven’t made any moves commercially and while the success of “Ride” and singles from “Fantasy Ride” like “Never Ever” and “Love, sex & Magic” didn’t do too bad at radio, singles line the pockets of the artist not the label..

“Basic Instinct” has sold a mere 50,000 copies since it’s December release but more then just Ciara are at fault… A follow up to “Ride” the most successful Ciara track in years should have been followed up quickly. The song had fallen off the radar before we heard “Gimme That” and the video for that single was WEAK and long awaited! I think she would have been fine if “You Can Get It” had been single #2, Ciara’s more an r&b artist and that song would have cleaned house at urban radio.. The album also took forever to hit shelves. If she had dropped it back in October she would have moved at least 100k her first week but delays and poor planning killed this project..

Plans for the Usher assisted “Turn It Up” were on track. The song was suppose to impact radio this month but JIVE appears to be done spending money on Cici. Nothing’s been announced and no press conference has been held but the single has been scrapped and there is no tour or further promotional efforts for “Basic Instinct” at this point.. Ciara’s finna be a free agent, Def Jam will probably pick her up and try to re-create the old days which is going to be impossible without old collaborator Jazzy Faye.. Good luck Ciara!


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