Kat Deluna Can & Might Be The Next “It Girl”!!!

This b**** has Rihanna’s sound but vocals that hark back to late tejano singer, Selena! She’s got some really good music, really commercial pop, dripping with potential and sung by a very capable, well trained singer. I wrote about her a few years ago but it hasn’t happened for her yet. I personally think she’s in the wrong hands.

In 2009 when Def Jam dropped the ball with Rihanna’s “Rated R”, Motown should of had her ready. “Rated R” shifted just under a million copies and is likely the closest thing resembling a flop that Rihanna will ever know. She’s back with “Loud”, knows her strengths, weaknesses and where her fan base is.. She’s the “it girl” but if Kat had swooped in when sh** was going left, when singles weren’t charting and no one was really feel’n them then the success of “Loud” might not have come so easy to come by.

Despite the missed opportunity, Kat Deluna can still come up and be a SERIOUS problem for Def Jam and it’s princess.. It just won’t be easy. Rihanna’s 3rd single from “Loud” entered the top 10 on Billboard’s hot 100 last week. “S&M” will likely become her 10th #1 single, putting her music and her brand in the same categories as icons like Madonna and Janet Jackson who have each charted #1 singles in the double digits! If Kat is going to come for her she’s going to have to work with all the right ppl and appeal to the exact same audience.

She needs to get in the studio with StarGate and Pharrell Williams then work with some big but commercial hiphop names like Nicki Minaj, Flo-Rida and Lil Wayne. As a matter of fact, she would bloom beautifully as Young Money artist! Motown is fu**** up! Damn I need to be able to put this sh** together!

Peep this track:


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