Mariah Carey X-Factor Judge???

Simon Cowell has finally confirmed some celebrity names that are in the running for spots on “The X Factor” judges panel, when the show launches on FOX this fall.

In a new interview with‘s Laura Saltman, Simon confirmed that George Michael, former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger, Mariah Carey and Paula Abdul are all being considered for the show, but no one is a lock.

“Have you talked to her?” Laura asked, referring to the very pregnant Mariah Carey. “Yeah, I’ve spoken to her. I mean literally, we’ve spoken to lots of people. I’ve spoken to Paula…” Simon told Laura.

“Are they calling you or are you calling them?” Laura asked. “Both. And then new people come along… [Two days ago], we met somebody who I’ve never met before in my life, who I just loved. And that’s why it’s good to kind of delay the process. It’s not about necessarily the TV show per se, it’s people. You genuinely gotta trust that they’re gonna be able to do the job you’re paying them to do. And like I said, a hit-maker who worked in America and has had experience, I think is crucial to this panel as well.”

Simon admitted that Paula is actually on a narrowed down list of stars, and he is seriously considering reuniting with his former “American Idol” judge table buddy. “We’ve taken it down to a smaller group of people and she’s in that panel,” Simon said. “But, you know, it’s more than me who makes the decision.”

Source: MariahDaily

This would be real cute for her but between recording, trying to break Hollywood open and being a new mom, is she gonna have time to judge??? IDK! I guess a season would be coo, while she works off the baby fat. Mariah’s a workaholic, one of the most prolific people in the business. I’m sure she can handle it!

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  1. go mariah carey,,,we always support you,,we luv u!!

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