Ne-Yo Tries To Explain “Libra Scale” EPIC FAILURE!!!

R&B crooner Ne-Yo previously voiced his frustration over, Libra Scale, his “poorest selling album to date,” insisting “there was so much going on in regards to this album.”

“Writing the script, making sure it was good, shooting videos and being too hands on with the director, the artwork and everything,” voiced Ne-Yo.

Now in a recent interview, the “One in a Million” hitmaker says his decision to focus on story-style promos rather than the music is also a reason for the set’s failure. He tells the Associated Press, “I didn’t get to pay as much attention to the music as I normally would because I was so focused on the story line that the album is based off of.”

He continues: “There was so much energy put into that, that when it came time to put the music together, you know, for one there wasn’t as much time and for two there wasn’t as much energy.”

Ne-Yo also states time filming his role in new alien invasion film “Battle: Los Angeles” may have detracted from the record, “I was kind of back and forth with [both projects]. It’s almost impossible to take the amount of focus to shoot a film like this and the amount of focus it takes to put an album together and do them at the same time…”

To date, ‘Libra Scale’ has sold just 277,000 copies since its release in November 2010, and singles including “Beautiful Monster” and “Champagne Life” both failed to scratch the Billboard top 40.

All in all, Ne-Yo insists he has no regrets about trying something different, stating, “Libra Scale was my opportunity to do some things I’ve never done before… I’m not in any way saying that I think the album is bad. I don’t think the album’s bad at all, I think it’s a pretty solid album… Some people got [and understood] it. Some people didn’t. The majority of people didn’t.”

Source: SingersRoom

I’ve never really been a fan of Ne-Yo. I think he’s best as a producer, songwriter or featured act. All his music sounds the same to me and his vocals have always left me un-inspired. It’s gonna be hard for him to co-exist with faces like Trey Songz and immense talents like Chris Brown on the current male r&b scene…

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