Chris Brown’s GMA Tantrum A Probation Violation???

Although Chris Brown has not been arrested for his alleged violent outburst on the set of ABC’s “Good Morning America”today (Mar. 22), the singer could still face serious repercussions.

California-based legal expert Peter T. Haven tells that the “GMA” tirade, in which Brown reportedly smashed a window in his dressing room and stormed out of the building with no shirt on, will likely be “closely looked at by the probation officer, and it may very well be brought to the court’s attention.”

Brown was sentenced to five years of probation in June 2009 after assaulting his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, and while the singer completed his domestic violence counseling sessions in December, Haven believes that this morning’s incident will lead to further scrutiny.

“It’s just not breaking the window that’s problematic. The behavior itself is problematic,” Haven tells “It’s difficult to say if it will actually be a violation [of probation] — he may have an opportunity to present whatever kind of defense he has. But it will definitely capture the attention of his probation officer, who will take a look at it and probably have a talk with him about it.”

Source: Billboard

LOL!!!! I wonder if he took his shirt of before he put his foot in Rihanna’s a** two years ago LMAO! He’s gotta learn to control his temper. This made it look like he hasn’t changed at all, like Rihanna woulda got her a** whooped again had she been in that dressing room lmao! Come on Chris!


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