Nicki Minaj Explains Delayed” Fly” Video..

The video for “Fly” was shot months ago but with Rihanna releasing “S&M”, Kanye West releasing the Riri assisted “All of The Lights” and Def Jam in the process of deciding “Loud’s” next single, Nicki wants to wait a little bit before putting her Riri track out there. Rihanna’s all over radio right now and her music needs a chance to breath..

“I’m gonna hold off on the Rihanna video and the Rihanna single for a little bit longer,” she toldMTV News. ” ‘Cause we both kind of dropped at the same time. So she has a lot of [songs] in rotation and I want to let her stuff have a moment and do its thing, dominate radio. [Instead], I wanted to come out with something more fun.”

Source: RihannaDaily

The video is expected to hit major media outlets this in late May, early June. In the meantime, “Did It On Em” has been unleashed on radio. #KenBarbies


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