The End of Beyonce Is Upon Us, Diva Parts Ways With Matthew Knowles!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!! This is a HUGE MISTAKE!!! Matthew has kept her picture perfect for years, he is the author of Beyonce. She’s taking a HUGE risk in changing management now, especially since this new album is coming fast!

Jay-Z is likely among the choices to manage the diva. He might know what’s he’s doing but any other choices my find this job impossible. Beyonce had the best team in the industry, she’s never missed a beat and that was due largely in part to MattK being the guiding force behind her career..

If she falls on her a** with this new album it’ll look like MattK is what made her Queen B. This will be like when Mariah left her manager and ex-husband, Tommy Mottola to do her own thing and take total control of her career. The result was “Glitter”…………….

I wonder if Matt will continue as the manager of Destiny’s Child???


5 Responses to “The End of Beyonce Is Upon Us, Diva Parts Ways With Matthew Knowles!!!”

  1. WhereMyRingAt Says:

    Dumb F@g. Beyonce ain’t going nowhere ugly. She’s here to stay and will continue to keep her foot on your faves neck like always. Ain’t shit changed but the year and the day. Stay mad about that F@gglet.

    • I don’t give a damn how Matthew name is spelled dude… Beyonve ain’t got her foot on nobody neck, Gaga sold more albums, Rihanna’s has bigger and more numerous singles and Britney sells more tickets, she ain’t fukkin wit NONE of those bitches. Now she’s gon and fired her author, the man that MADE HER! it’s finna b a complete WRAP!!!


  2. WhereMyRingAt Says:

    Oh and Another thing if your ass wants to be taken seriously as a blogger or journalists you should learn to spell your subject’s names correctly. Mathew has ONE “T” in his name not two. Dumb Fag.

  3. I don’t think its the end of Beyonce she is a veteran and should know how to work the business by now.
    Also @WhereMyRingAt who told you there is only one t maybe you should check your spelling

    • I think this is gonna b defining for her. If this album doesn’t do what “I Am” did then it’s gonna look like she can’t come hard without MattK. He wrote her, he’s guided her all these years. I think she’s made a mistake in leaving him..


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