Lil Wayne Throws Drake Out On His A** After Heated Argument!!!

Just when you thought the new dynasty called Young Moneywas unbreakable, it seems their run is over before it really got started.

Last night after  a  concert in University, PA,  Drake was kicked out of Young Money after a heated argument with Lil Wayneand Baby.

According to sources, tensions have been fueling for the past 2 months over unpaid royalties and Drake wanting to restructure his contract with Cash Money/Young Money.

Drake who was not on the bill but was apparently there to make a special appearance but  refused to take the stage and all hell broke loose.

According to sources, during the argument,  Drake screamed he was Young Money and if it wasn’t for him, the label would have died while Wayne was locked down.

Weezy apparently became irate  after the statement  and replied, “This the thanks I get… We don’t fuc*ing need you.”

Sources stated that a shoving match pursued before both securities stepped in.

No word yet on how this will turn out because of the paperwork but we’ve seen what happened with Young Buck as 50 shelved him despite having hot material proving sometimes its not about the money but the principal.

Source: HipHipWired

OHHHHH SH*********!!!!!!!!!!! I’d been hearing something was up between them for a while now but I didn’t expect this!

I can see both sides of the argument.. Drake was nothing before Lil Wayne put him on but money is money and unpaid royalties isn’t coo… How they gon have him come out for a show and not pay him???

The label may very well have suffered with Lil Wayne locked up and no Drake to carry the label. At the time, the jury was still out on Nicki Minaj. No one knew what to expect of the album and she would have been the ONLY employee behind the counter had Drake not been signed to Young Money…

It’s a hairy situation and there’s some b****a**ness on both parts but again, money is money and it changes people… When Drake first came out he would have done a free show for his mentor no questions asked but now that’s his charting and everyone wants to work with him he thinks it’s okay to raise his voice at superiors…



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