Beyonce Album Update!!!

According to reports, Beyonce is planning to release a new album in June, the follow to 2008’s ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce.’ News of the release comes on the heels on the R&B superstar’s link to producers and songwriters, including Ne-Yo, Sean Garret, Frank Ocean, Odd Future and Sleigh Bells.

Of the release, Sony Music Australia chief Denis Handlin told the Daily Telegraph that the songs are groundbreaking and that Beyonce plans to do an extensive tour with the album’s release.

“It was just amazing,” he said of the songs he’d heard on the record. “She came in and played us six tracks from the album. She wants to do a big tour off the back of this record… these songs, the best description I can give is groundbreaking; she’s gone to another level.”

On the forthcoming set, Beyonce told MTV last year, “Well, I wouldn’t say I’m inventing a new genre. I’m mixing every type of genre that I love and I’m inspired by every type of genre.”

She continues, “I’m not in a box. It’s not R&B. It’s not typically pop. It’s not rock. It’s just everything I love all mixed together in my own little gumbo of music.”

Beyonce is also set to headline the Glastonbury festival in June.

Source: SingersRoom

They say new album in June but I’ve been hearing new single in June and a new album in July. We’ll see what happens.

This new albums title is yet to be announced but “Round 4” and “Independence Day” are among the rumored names for this forthcoming project.


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