50 Cent Talks About Saving Jeremih’s Career!

50 Cent
spoke with Hot 97 FM’s Angie Martinez about his collaboration with Def Jam’s Jeremih stating that the Chicago crooner was in danger of being dropped before the record was released.

Jeremih’s sophomore album,  All About You moved 17,705 copies in its first week and 50 told Angie

“On that project, he was already gonna be dropped by Def Jam—the first week sales were really low on the record. When we first did the song, I didn’t care. I was just looking at him as an artist—I thought he was dope artist.”

“Down On Me” peaked at the number nine spot on the charts even though Curtis set his heights higher on the actual song.

“I told him it’s number one—you heard my verse…I said, ’50 and Jeremih number one, there’s nothing higher.”

Source: HipHopWired

Yea, I can see them ready to change the locks. That 17k first week is THE FOOL but “Down On Me” peaking at #9 isn’t going to be enough to save an artist that can’t sell records. Labels spin MILLIONS on music videos, shows, photo shoots and promo materials. If an artist isn’t pulling his weight then it’s just a matter of time before those locks are change! Maybe 50 should bring him over to G Unit!


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