Rihanna & Britney’s “S&M” Remix Video Plans Scrapped!

Britney & Rihanna fans have had Twitter and Facebook ablaze with rumors of an official music video for “S&M” since Rihanna hinted at the notion BUT I got final word today that no such video has been recorded nor is one in the works at this time. When I thought about it, it really doesn’t make since to shoot a video…

Rihanna’s topped the chart this week with the original version of the song, Def Jam hasn’t made up it’s mind about re-releasing “Loud” just yet and they’ve already green lit 2 more videos for Rihanna; “California King Bed” and “Man Down”, her new U.S and international singles… The promo dollars are being spent left and right and even with JIVE taking care of half the tab for a “S&M” remix vid, it’s just not feasible right now.

Furthermore, the song doesn’t appear on Britney’s “Femme Fatale” or the original “Loud” so they wouldn’t even be promoting these albums by spending thousands on a new video…


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