Beyonce Collaborates With RIHANNA On New Album!!!

Could it be true? Both Beyonce and Rihanna are divas in their own right, but recent talk of a collaboration on Beyonce’s new album could bring together the two beauties in a powerhouse duet.

A report from gossip music site M Is for Music claims the two R&B icons are working together to complete a track for the songstress’ forthcoming project.

According to an anonymous source, Bey and RiRi began talking about the possibility of a collaboration during the 2011 Grammy Awards. The insider says, “Rihanna has wanted to work with Beyonce for some time now, and after talking about a duet at this year’s Grammys, they have finally managed to set aside some time to record together.”

Source: SingersRoom

WOWWW!!! I don’t think this is true but it be a positive thing for Beyonce to have The it Girl featuring and a SICKENING music video would like follow!

Right now Rihanna is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, just crowning the chart for a record 10th time with her Britney Spears assisted “S&M”! A collaboration with Beyonce would be almost as epic!

B’s album is due late Summer, early Fall so we’ll see what happens. One artist we can be sure won’t make an appearance is Nicki Minaj #shame

One Response to “Beyonce Collaborates With RIHANNA On New Album!!!”

  1. i hope its true!!!!!!!!! it would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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