Beyonce New Album TrackListing???

1. Let’s Start a Revolution (2:46)

2. Who Run The World? (Girls) (4:45)

3. Together (5:02)

4. Emergency ft. Lauryn Hill (4:36)

5. Say You Will (3:56)

6. Take It There (5:34)

7. Never Let Me Go (4:56)

8. The Clock (8:38)

9. No Hesitation (3:39)

10. Selfish Bet (3:34) — said to be produced by Frank Ocean & Amanda Ghost

11. Die Without Knowing (4:02)

12. Run For Cover ft.Marina & Bon Iver (6:05)

I don’t think this is real, she hasn’t even revealed the official album title yet… This is tentative at best. What the hell is Lauryn Hill doing on this album???


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