Beyonce To Perform 2nd Single At 2011 BET Awards!!!

The performers are yet to be announced but of course Beyonce is on show, along with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and others. 

Beyonce’s current single, “Run The World (Girls)” is a flop but she’ll likely perform the song in a melody with her 2nd single. The album is gonna drop on 6.28.11 and the award show is a great way to get any skeptics fired up about the new project!!! 

Right now, Sony BMG is scrambling to choose the second single and get a video recorded. The clock is ticking!!! We’ll see the new video shortly before or on the day of the albums release!!!

The 2011 BET Awards will air on 6.26.11, Beyonce may be without MattK but she’s no fool. This show is gonna be all about her!!!


2 Responses to “Beyonce To Perform 2nd Single At 2011 BET Awards!!!”

  1. umm, when did run the world become a flop? get your facts straight.

    • When it debuted at 33, dropped almost 20 spaces every week until the performance then jumped to 29 then fell again to the 50s…. I STAY wit facts…


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