Amber Rose PISSED At Vibe Magazine!!!

Amber Rose 
is lashing out at Vibe Magazine after being placed on the cover of their May 2011 ‘Sexy Issue.

As previously reported Rose was interviewed by the mag and spoke on a number of topics including her infamous ex, Kanye West.

Now after excerpts from the cover story were posted online, Rose is calling them “untrue” and “ridiculous.”

Lashing out at the urban culture mag, Rose took to Twitter to say,

“Just read my ‘interview’ in Vibe magazine, half the story was untrue and ridiculous!”

She later added,

“Y’all don’t give a f*ck that I have a mom and family that’s gonna read that fake a** sh*t. I gave y’all a truthful interview and y’all f*cked me!”

Well….. Lol! Vibe isn’t the first magazine to twist the words a little. I haven’t read the interview but now I’mma have to cop this months issue IMMEDIATELY! She’s stunning on the cover!

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