Beyonce “Best Thing I Never Had” Debuts At #84 Other Singles Continue To Flop!!!

Soooooo………….. Looks like even the song I like from Beyonce’s new album is TANKING at billboard! This week “Best Thing I Never Had” debuts at #84 but I expect it to climb, the song has MAJOR radio appeal and just needs promo and some time to catch on. If she performs it at a major venue or drops a video this song could easily claim top 10 charts states, even the pinnacle…

Other singles from “4” won’t be so fortunate. “1+1” drops 57-89 and “Run The World (Girls)” falls from 29 to 55 (almost 30 spaces)… 

Beyonce & Sony BMG face a uphill battle selling this album. They’ve even resorted to leaking music, the whole damn album can is available online RITE NOW which is just going to her her first week in the end..

The crossover audience that Beyonce accosted 3 years ago hasn’t been nourished, the only single with commercial appeal thus far is “Best Thing I Never Had” and if a video or some serious promo doesn’t take place before the album drops those fans aren’t gonna f*** wit her on 6.28.11, while her core fanbase downloaded it for free this week, which leave who to buy the album???

I see her doing 150k to 250k unless she pulls a Gaga and sells that sh** Amazon for 99 cents


6 Responses to “Beyonce “Best Thing I Never Had” Debuts At #84 Other Singles Continue To Flop!!!”

  1. She going to be number 1 again so get ready

  2. Beyonce Sucks Monkey Dick Says:

    Beyonce Is A Demonic Flop.

  3. FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPP beyonce is so lame this year maybe she should retire and stop puttin out this garbage..i am officaly an ex fan of beyaki

  4. the end of beyonce she do only garbage bye bye.

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