Lady Gaga Only Shifts 170K Her Second Week (84% Decline)!!!

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” continues to rule the Billboard 200 albums chart for a second week as the set shifts 174,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That’s down a steep 84% from its historic 1,108,000 start last week. 

While it’s not unusual for albums that enter with mighty big sales frames to tumble hard in week number two, Gaga’s fall is amplified, courtesy of AmazonMP3.

As “Born This Way’s” first week was bolstered in a most-unusual way by likely hundreds of thousands of sales generated by AmazonMP3’s decision to sell the digital version of the set for 99-cents on two separate days, its second-week fall appears even greater than what we normally see for blockbuster sellers.

At the rate of Gaga’s decline, we could see Adele’s “21” (No. 2 this week, up one slot, with 121,000 – down 4%) return to the penthouse very soon.

Source: Billboard

This is even further proof that her “historic” first week numbers were only possibly with the .99 set Amazon deal……….. Gaga actually shifted about 470k her first week on the albums merits alone, which puts her right in line with Britney Spears, the true Queen of Pop!!!

I got a few emails asking where the TrueClefMusic review for “Born This Way” was… I was incredibly offended by “Judas” and as a result Lady Gaga’s work won’t be discussed here…unless of course it’s a story like this… #KanyeShrug


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