Rihanna Gets Into Wit Beyonce Fans On Twitter!!!

Rihanna is on her way to being the queen of Twitter beefs. While on her LOUD tour in Montreal, Canada over the weekend, she got into a war of words with another fan on Twitter, who says Rihanna bumped her while she was looking for a late-night snack at a McDonalds. 

The fan tweeted: “Rhianna in the housee at McDonalds LOL, she’s actually a rude stank girl. Such a shame for pretty girl! *Bitcch Dowwn*”

She also added: “Why you stormin out and bumpin in to ppl at McDonalds @rihanna ?? Not very nice of you, come to our city and act up!” 

After being alerted of the tweets, Rihanna quickly tweeted at the fan: “I was in McD’z for 3 seconds! If I bumped into u, obviously it was an accident! Didn’t notice… #sensitive”

The apology wasn’t enough for the attention seeking fan, who then replied “LOL @rihanna Just saying, just trying to get some food & I’m pretty sure you know when you bump into some one, look who’s sensitive now :)” 

The rebuff sent the Barbadian superstar into a frenzy, explaining why she was in the fast food restaurant in the first place, tweeting to her #Navy fan “@iStan4Rihanna_ to peep at the menu b4 I “bumped into” these cunts, lol.”

But RiRi didn’t stop there, as she got involved in another Twitter war with a Beyonce fan, as she wrote: “@BeyFierceIV F*CK u C*NT!!!! #unclassyNavy”. 

Since then, in support of the Beyonce fan, several other Twitter users have revealed that they have now stopped following the “Man Down” hitmaker.

Source: SingersRoom

WOW!!! Lol, what these b**** are gonna do is make Rihanna stop tweeting her followers back which is sad because she’s one of the ONLY celebs that does… The McDonalds thing is ridiculous, the fact the Riri came into a McDonalds at all and a fan was able to get close enough to her to get bumped shows how down to earth she is. Most stars would send an assistant or have mad security… I wouldn’t even have dignified the c*** wit a response. Luv u Riri 🙂

Not even gonna address the tired a** Beyonce fan foolishness #unclassNavy


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