Jennifer Lopez Not Returning To American Idol???

Looking in from the outside, many would believe being a judge on American Idol boasted her career to new heights but now Jennifer Lopez is unsure if she will come back for a second year. If the “On The Floor” hitmaker decides not to return, she would be walking away from a mega-million deal since she landed $12 million for the 10th season. 

“You know, this is the question of the hour. I don’t know, I don’t know,” Lopez said Tuesday in an interview with Scott Mills of the BBC. 

In addition to the show, Lopez jumped start several other ventures, which includes releasing and promoting an album, endorsement deals, clothing & fragrance lines and a new Latin talent show, which will premiere soon. 

“I had an amazing time doing it and I loved it but I have a lot of other things happening and it’s gonna come down to making a choice of really what I want to do for the next year,” Lopez said.

Source: SingersRoom

WOW!!! 12 million!!! Amazing!!! She’s got plenty of money though rite lol… With the album, the promo, movies, other television engagements and a possible tour for her new album, J-Lo may really be too busy for the AI gig..


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