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Miguel “I Don’t Wanna Be Loved” Official Video!!!

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I LOVE this n****, true musician, true artist, I’m IN LOVE WITH MIGUEL #NoHomo

The video is super sexy, super taboo, luv it! Heard this song for the first time a few weeks ago, I really don’t give new artist any play until they really impress me and he’s gone and done it!

While he’s proclaiming heterosexuality, it’s still a HUGE question but at this point NO ONE should care, this n**** can write and sing his a** off. He’s finally got my vote!

Ashanti Workign On 5th Album With Lil Wayne & Dr Dre!!!

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I’ve been hearing whispers about possible recording contracts in the works with both AfterMath & Young Money Records… Could be interesting either way. Kelly Rowland is a great example of how much of a difference a great team, collaborators and producers can make in an artists career… Ashanti’s hoping to achieve the same success with the same equation and I’m SOOOOOO anxious to see what the outcome will be.. She’s a talented song writer and a beautiful girl, I see success in her future, mark my words!

Beyonce Claims “4” Wasn’t About Singles, Talks New Film Roles!!!

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King B recently released her fourth studio album, 4, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart but its first week sales were her lowest to date. The set’s singles “Run the World (Girls)” and “Best Thing I Never Had” also has not performed like previous releases from the 29-year-old superstar but fare not; Beyonce is happy with the results. 

Beyonce is adamant about the “body of work” she wanted to accomplish, noting this album wasn’t about chart toppers. 

“This album was a labor of love. It was not about singles,” she told Reuters. “I felt like the emotion and live instruments and just soul (were) missing out of the music industry, especially the popular music that’s out. I wanted to bring it back to the music I grew up listening to. It’s like a mixture of the ’90s and the ’70s and rock-n-roll.” 

This new take-charge approach will become prominent to Beyonce fans as she transitions into taking full control of her career. 

“It just feels like no one else can tell me how I am supposed to perform, and I think it’s what separates the Michaels and the Madonnas from the artists that are great but are just not quite the Michaels and the Madonnas,” Beyonce said. 

The 16-time Grammy winner is also gearing up for her lead role in Clint Eastwood’s remake of the film, “A Star Is Born,” calling it the “biggest opportunity” of her career. 

“I met with Clint and I was so nervous and I know that it is the biggest opportunity of my life. I will work as hard as I can,” she said. “Because I can’t wait. And I am so happy that he trusts me and I am in good hands and I am so fortunate.” 

Source: SingersRoom

BULLLLLLLLLLLLLSH**************!!!! The album, despite it’s brilliance, is gonna flop just like the singles!!! No artist makes an album and releases singles without the hope of success.. Come on B……………

Kelly Rowland Covers Vibe Magazine!!

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Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink To That)” 6th Single!!!

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RiRi has chosen her next single, which will be “Cheers (Drink To That).” She revealed the official single cover recently and the track will be serviced to radio on August 2nd.

“#RihannaNavy Cheers to you!,” the 23 year old singer tweeted along with the single art.

Source: SingersRoom

I don’t like this song… I really wanted “Complicated” to be the next single..

Kelly Rowland “Here I Am” Official Album Review!!!


I came into this review with a great deal of expectation but somehow Kelly managed to completely blow me away from start to finish!

This album is solid, brilliant and was well worth the years of wait, all the time it took for Kelly to arrive at this point for her to truly be here! “Here I Am” is genius!!

HighLighted Tracks:

* I’m That Chick

* Feel’n Me Right Now

* Motivation

* Keep It Between Us

*Turn It Up

These songs all made it to my iPod and given that the album only has 10 tracks, 5 highlights is remarkable! This is an incredibly listenable project! Kelly worked hard and I believe it’s going to really pay off!

“I’m That Chick” is FIRE! It DEFINITELY should have been the 2nd single! Hopefully her label switches gears and scrapes the Big Sean assisted “Lay It On Me” for this song or “Turn It Up”, a daring club banger that had me up out of my seat dancing and shouting “YESSS KELLY, YESSSSSSS”!!! It’s perhaps the strongest song on the album!

I knew months ago when my girl at Def Jam sent me “Motivation” via email that it would be a monster hit for Kelly but I never imagined it would totally transform her career like it has.. She’s gone from a D List, washed up, written off mite in Beyonce’s massive shadow to a formidable opponent on stage and in studio for King B! “Here I Am” easily matches Beyonce’s “4” in the arenas of production, listenability and writing. Of course B’s vocals are way out of Kelly’s league but it’s very clear at this point that vocals aren’t a deciding factor in this game. Beyonce’s material is dead at radio and Kelly’s Lil Wayne assisted “Motivation” just resigned the #1 spot on the Billboard R&B/HipHop Songs chart, after more then a month under the crown! “Motivation” has become her “We Belong Together”, her smash comeback record! This album is a testament to her musicianship and true artistry. I’m veryyyyy proud of her.  Here she is.. COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

TrueClefMusic Score Card:

Production – 5

Writing –  4

Vocals – 4

Listenability – 5

TrueClefMusic Rating: 4.50

Kelly Rowland To Tour With Chris Brown!!!

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YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! Buzz Buzz buzz!!!

The tour is still in the planning stages but Kelly has been confirmed for the job! She and Chris are going to hit the road for a full blow U.S tour to promote the smash comeback albums “F.A.M.E” and “Here I Am”, which hits shelves this Tuesday! I’m soooooo excited for her, she’s FINALLY HERE!!!