The Comeback Kids: Chris Brown, J-Lo & Kelly Rowand!!!

Yes indeed! A year ago no one would have seen or guessed these 3 be where they are now.

Chris Brown has successful return to the upper hierarchy of popular music, seemingly more talented and dominant then ever.

Kelly Rowland has finally escaped Beyonce’s shadowed, has a monster hit with “Motivation” and is releasing her 3rd studio album is about a month!

Jennifer Lopez returns with “On The Floor” and the “Love” album, two hits, the single earning her the biggest J-Lo chart stats in almost a decade. She’s gorgeous, fearless and back!

Though this artist have overcome great obstacles to arrive at there present state, none but Chris Brown are out of the woods yet. Chris has chart 3 to 4 r&b hits from his comeback effort “F.A.M.E” and is about to embark on a U.S tour but Kelly’s new album is still in the works and Jennifer’s comeback wasn’t as well recieved, despite the singles success…

Kelly Rowland is going to have to give us another r&b track we can’t stop singing to ourselves for the transition to come full circle while J-Lo is going to have to pull 2 or 4 rabbits outta her a** to make the ppl forget the albums disappointing sales stats..

American Idol has been so good to Jenny but that promo plateau is only as good as the material she channels through it. “I’m Into U” wasn’t the right direction to go after “On The Floor”. She’s made us dance and we want to keep dancing. The next thing we need to hear is “Good Hit”, the stongest and most uptempo track on the album. She needs to shoot a sickening video and promote the song like all hell. The public doesn’t even realize her album is flopping because “On The Floor” is still getting massive spins and urban and commercial radio. She needs to capitalize on that!

If Kelly f*** this up she’ll find herself in a deeper whole then she was before, much like what happened to Ashanti when she failed to followup “Only U” correctly… A similar fate awaits Jennifer is Def Jam doesn’t wise up and get on that A&R’s a**…

To Chris, congratulation yo, u made it!!! & to my ladies, GOOD LUCK!


3 Responses to “The Comeback Kids: Chris Brown, J-Lo & Kelly Rowand!!!”

  1. Jlo shot good hit before on the floor came out.

  2. So far her album reached 850,000 worldwide and she sai papi is gonna be her new single. She also said she might do a dual single.

  3. developpeur…

    […]The Comeback Kids: Chris Brown, J-Lo & Kelly Rowand!!! « TRUECLEFMUSIC.COM[…]…

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