Beyonce’s “4” Shifts 313,000K!!!

According to HitsDailyDouble, ‘4′ has sold 313,420 units in this chart week alone making it the starlets lowest selling first week figure to date.

Sure to be this week’s Billboard 200 #1, the album received an enormous promotional push in the US this week after the airing of the documentary ’Year Of 4′and show stopping performances at ‘Good Morning America’ and last night at the Statue Of Liberty for the Independence Day celebrations.

With the final sales number set to surface tomorrow, the figure is sure to be very close in appearance to the figure published by Hits Daily Double.

Whilst 313,000 units may not be what many of her innovatively named BeyHive were hoping for, it is worth noting that this is arguably very commendable.

For this figure was achieved after just two weeks of intensive promotion and without the aid of a #1 single and the luxury of discounted prices.

Source: HitsDailyDouble

YESSS!!! This figure is AMAZING given the fact that there was no “Single Ladies”, no “Crazy In Love” to get the people to the store and on iTunes!!!

This is great news but if she doesn’t pump up the promo and give the ppl a single they can relate to soon the album is going to fall out of the top 10 in a couple weeks… Sony needs to sit down with B and make some tough decisions FAST!!!


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