Miguel “I Don’t Wanna Be Loved” Official Video!!!

I LOVE this n****, true musician, true artist, I’m IN LOVE WITH MIGUEL #NoHomo

The video is super sexy, super taboo, luv it! Heard this song for the first time a few weeks ago, I really don’t give new artist any play until they really impress me and he’s gone and done it!

While he’s proclaiming heterosexuality, it’s still a HUGE question but at this point NO ONE should care, this n**** can write and sing his a** off. He’s finally got my vote!


3 Responses to “Miguel “I Don’t Wanna Be Loved” Official Video!!!”

  1. Miguel has to be Gay. Throughout the entire video I just saw him grab the girls arm and shoulders, even when he was surrounded by females he looked uninspired. Or maybe that was the point of the video since the song is called ‘I don’t want to be loved’. Either way it’s a good song and his album is pretty good.

    Can’t believe you’ve only heard of this song last month yo!
    Get with it. jk lol… =)

    • Lol yea, I love the song and the video but I just got into Miguel a few months ago. It takes a while for me to cozy up to new artist. They have to really impress me to be discussed here lol


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