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Monica “Until It’s Gone” Official Video!!!

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I like the video but I don’t like the song… The first single and video also left me wanting more. As of right now, this album is going tobe a tough sell. Shame, because her last album was such a gem! Maybe she’ll surprise me…

Mariah Preparing Final Def Jam LP!!!

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Now that Mariah Carey has debuted her twins to the world and discussed all of the intimate details of her tumultuous pregnancy, she has become completely focused on her next studio album. In fact, the diva has summoned several industry heavyweights to the studio, including producers James “Big Jim” Wright and Randy Jackson.

However, this wasn’t the first time that Carey has worked with Wright or Jackson. She previously collaborated with the former on several tracks from her critically lauded The Emancipation of Mimi album, such as “Fly Like a Bird” and “I Wish You Knew.”. Additionally, Jackson has been a member of Carey’s band since her debut and crafted most of her Merry Christmas II You alongside Wright and Marc Shaiman.

Other named contributors to Carey’s new project thus far include Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat. The latter confirmed that she wrote new material for record earlier this month. Whether the LP will be released via one of the Epic Label Group’s labels, as hinted by LA Reid, has yet to be confirmed.

See what Wright said about his recent studio session with Carey below:

Trying to sleep but can’t grrrrr Was in the studios late with @YO_RANDYJACKSONworking on some @MariahCarey tracks.

Carey is certainly doing her best to ensure that her new album is the hit that she needs at this stage in her career. The named collaborators have masterminded some of her most praised material and have exhibited a unique understanding of her voice.

However, it would also be a thrilling occurrence if James Poyser – the producer of Carey’s “Mine Again” from The Emancipation – and Marc Shaiman became involved in the project. Of course, Carey’s former writing partners Walter Afanasieff and Ben Margulies would also be welcome additions to the album.

Indeed, Nick Cannon confirmed that Carey is seeking inspiration from her debut album and the Emotions LP. Hence, working with Afanasieff and Margulies, who were the main contributors to those records, would be an excellent way for her to channel that artistic energy. Still, Wright and Jackson’s inclusions are enough to stimulate excitement!

Source: MariahDaily

YESSSS!!!! If you know me, you knwo that I’m a HUGE Mariah Carey fan! I love her music, loved her last album, one of my favorites but the A&R work was totally missed handled, the wrong singles were chosen, videos were sent to media outlets months after the song hit radio, foolish sh** like that! I know this time, under L.A’s supervision, Mariah’s going to make one of the best albums of her career! I’m soooooo EXCITED!!

This album will complete Mariah’s contract with Def Jam. Word has it that she won’t be renewing it, will likely join L.A Reid at Sony, her first label home. Nothings been confirmed but I’ll keep you posted!

Keri Hilson “There Are Specific People That Aren’t Going to Like My 3rd Album”!!!

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While visiting BET’s 106 & Park recently, Keri Hilson told Host Terrence and Rocsi that she is currently working on a “very Emotional” third studio album and that few may not like the turn out.

“There’s some people in the world that aren’t going to like this album coming from me,” says Keri. “As I was experiencing the world, there were things I was also experiencing on a personal front and in my music it’s coming out. There are specific few people who ain’t gonna like to listen to this album.”

We can’t wait to hear who she blows up!

Source: SingersRoom

There was a video but I was able to post it too 😦

As far as the album goes, I’m SO EXCITED!!! Her first 2 albums are huge credits to her song writing genius and even though “No Boys Allowed” didn’t sell like her debut, it was magic!

On this third album I’m hoping she comes even harder, want another track like “Turnin Me On”, something strong that’ll get the fans in store that first week. 

PS: I’m pissed we never got a video for “Toy Soldier” or “All Of The Boys”, the 2 realest songs on the album!

Britney Spears “Criminal” Official Video!!!


YESSSSS!!!!! I love this video, love Britney!!!!!

“Criminal” is one of my favorite songs from the epic, “Femme Fatale” but I never thought it be a single because it’s not an obvious choice. I really want to see a video for “Inside Out”, another one of my favorites! All that aside, I LOVE this video, love the song!!! She’s channeling her pop Queen predecessor, Madonna on the track and in the video, sexy, alternative. It’s going to kill radio!

Rihanna’s the top dog right now but Britney’s an icon, has more then enough material left on this album to survive another Rihanna promo campaign. The two are friends though, would have been great to see B, Riri and Nicki all on one tour, would have been massive!!!

I’m so proud of her, so proud of this album. If you don’t have “Femme Fatale” COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Rihanna “We Found Love” Official Video!!!

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I LOVE IT!!!!! It’s whole new site to Rihanna, scratch the glamazon, the red carpet diva, the fashion icon! She gets gritty and grungy in this new video, the first single from her 6th album, TALK THAT TALK!!!

The song is already in The Hot 100’s top 10, expect Riri to take #1 next week, assisted by this brilliant visual, making it her 11th #1 single in just 7 years. Rihanna is Billboard’s darling!!!!

The album drops 11.21.11, get your coppers READY!!!

PS: the tobacco companies need to cut this b**** a FAT check for all that marketing and subliminal messaging!!!

Oh and to the Beyonce fans: YOUR GIRL IS GETTING DRAGGED!!!!!!!!!

Beyonce “Love On Top” Official Video!!!

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I didn’t like this song AT ALL when I spun the album, didn’t care for it until she performed it a couple months ago at the VMAS, after that it’s like whenever I hear it I can’t stop singing it to myself #UGH lol

Apparently the rest of the country is experiencing a similar phenomenon because “Love On Top” is one of “4’s” highest charters, entered the top 20s after the MTV performance!

With the premiere of the video it’ll like become the break out hit Beyonce needed 4 or 5 months ago when “4” hit shelves.. Love the song now and love the video even more!!

ps: notice the background never changes, it’s a dance studio, just like the “Countdown” video.. LOL #BudgetCuts 

Soulja Arrested For Possession of 70K In Marijuana!!!

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Soulja Boy Arrested For Marijuana Possession

According to TMZ, DeAndre Cortez Way a.k.a Soulja Boywas arrested this morning for drug possession.

The rapper was reportedly taken into custody by Temple Police Department officers in Temple, GA at 3:15 AM

He is currently still being held in Carroll County Jail.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ  that Soulja was in a car with 4 other men, which was originally pulled over for a traffic violation.

Police report that they found a”substantial amount” of marijuana and cash inside the vehicle” and Soulja and the 4 other men were all arrested.
Guns were also found in the vehicle although it’s unclear if any of them had the proper licenses to be in possession of the firearms.

A source reports that around $70,000 worth of drugs and cash were found.

Source: HipHopWired

WOW!!!! Why are we running stop signs and speeding with guns and enough weed to us ALL high???????????#StupidAsF***

Seems like between albums, shows, movies, promo these high profile figures have absolutely nothing to do with their money or their time… It’s baffling, where the f*** is the management, where’s the family?? He could go away for a long time for possession of that much pot, it’s just SENSELESS!