Drake Talks About Rihanna Breaking His Heart & Relationship With Nicki Minaj!!!

The Young Money front man recently sate down with Elle Magazine for one of his most intimate interviews to date. The poet talks about being lonely, empty and how Nicki is the only person in the world who understands him. Peep the excerpts below:

There’s no question about it that Canadian crooner Drake is expressive about his feelings through his music. With hit songs like “Fireworks” and “Marvin’s Room,” one can even perceive the Young Money star to be the kind of guy to wear his heart on his sleeve. That definitely seems to be the case according to his in-depth interview with Elle magazine. 

After Drake confirmed his brief romance to Barbadian princess Rihanna, it was all celebrity blogs and publications could talk about for months. The speculation continued when the two collaborated together on Rihanna’s single “What’s My Name,” as they seemed particularly cozy together in the video.  

Opening up in his candid interview with Elle, Drizzy reveals that he originally got hurt in his short-lived relationship with Rihanna . “At the time it hurt, but she didn’t mean to. I’ll never put that on her. I was hurt because I slowly started to realize what it was. I guess I thought it was more,” Drake explained. 

He continued, “That was the first girl with any fame that paid me any mind. You spend days reading about this person in magazines. All of a sudden you have this number-one song and you’re at some birthday party and there she is. And you’re just some naive kid from Toronto staying in some sh**ty-a** hotel who got invited to this party on a whim. That’s just how it happened.”  

For Drake, his quick ascension into fame in the music industry has made it hard for him to trust just anyone. In fact, he believes that no one truly understands him as a person except for Young Money’s first lady, Nicki Minaj. He tells Elle magazine that he believes Nicki would be “one of the only people that would understand [him] at the end of all of this and be able to love him.”  

Though Drizzy can have any female he wants at any given notice, the “Best I Ever Had” rapper finds himself feeling “empty” and lonely on the road, and wanting more than just a one-night stand. “The 15 or 20 seconds after a man reaches his climax is the realest moment he’ll ever have in his life. And if you happen to be with somebody that isn’t someone you want to converse with, you start feeling like, ‘I wish I was just here watching True Blood by myself.’”  

Drake also talked about his mom’s wishes for him to marry a Jewish girl, his feelings on nude photos, and being strictly a one-woman man. You can read about these and more in his interview in latest issue of Elle magazine, which will be on newsstands on October 18th.  

Drake’s sophomore album ‘Take Care’ will be released on November 15th.

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