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Rihanna “Talk That Talk” Full Album Review!!!

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“Rated R” resurrected, gritty, sexy and unmistakably the “IT GIRL”!!!

I love this album, reminds me so much of the harder sh** she was on back in 2009, more hiphop pop type sh**. “Loud” was a return to form, the “GGGB” formatting that made her such a success back in 2007 but “TTT” is…..deliciously different!

I thought we’d never see this Rihanna again, shoulda died her hair blond again so we’d know wassup, she and this album are the answer!!!

Highlighted Tracks:

1. Cockiness (Love It)

2. We Found Love

3. Talk That Talk FT Jay-Z

4. Drunk On Love

5. We All Want Love

These are the tracks that have been on heavy rotation, best the album offers. 

“Cockiness” has Billboard top 10 written all over it, sexy and provocative, radio is going to EAT IT UP! By far my favorite track on the whole album!

“We Found Love” is beautiful, Billboard’s reigning #1 single we can’t seem to get enough of and the video that’s got us jumping!

“Talk That Talk”, the title track is like “Rudeboy” meets “Run This Town”. Jay-Z is perfectly placed but under-utilized, I wanted to hear another verse from him. It’s definitely going to be a single and likely Jay’s next hit. Hope they remix it and add T.I or Kanye, more of a good thing!

This album is something new, neither I or the people are tired of the “it girl” just yet. It’s Rihanna’s time, keep giving it to us boo!

Score Card:

Production: 5

Listenability: 4

Vocals: 4

Writing: 4

TrueClefMusic Rating: 4.25

Beyonce “Dance For You” Official Video

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WOW! The b**** finally went in! Lol, I’ve been impatiently waiting! I love Beyonce but I can only take her when it’s 100. All her other videos haven’t really been thought out from this albums promo campaign, except “Run The World” of course, LOVE THAT VIDEO TOO!

This video brings me back though, it’s like “Naughty Girl” and “Suga Mama” all in one, love the song, love the visual, give it to us B!

Drake Debuts At #1, Adele Makes Billboard History Yet Again!!!

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“Take” is Drake’s second chart-topper, following 2010’s “Thank Me Later,” which launched with 447,000. 

It’s unlikely Drake will hold on to the top slot next week, as early forecasts from sources suggest Nickelback‘s new “Here and Now” (released Nov. 21) may open at No. 1. 

As for the rest of this week’s top 10, Michael Buble‘s “Christmas” holds at No. 2 with a big 35% sales gain, selling 165,000. It’s a contender for the No. 1 position the week after next, with an outside shot at topping the tally next week. 

Adele‘s “21” rises 5-3 (113,000; up 8%), marking its 39th straight week in the top five of the chart — its entire chart run since it debuted at No. 1. In turn, it sets a record for the most weeks an album has stayed in the top five, since its debut, in the chart’s 55-year history. It surpasses Michael Jackson‘s “Bad,” which racked 38 straight frames in the top five following its bow at No. 1 on Sept. 27, 1987. 

Source: Billboard

I love “Take Care”, the best hiphop presentation I’ve heard since Kanye’s last album, that’s a tremendous accomplishment. Peep the official TrueClefMusic review for more on the album! I’m VERY proud of him, second biggest debut of the year, F*** Gaga and “Born This Way”, that b**** DID NOT legitimately shift all those units, the amazon 39 or 99 cent discount take more away from what is already an extremely weak follow up to 2008’s “The Fame”..

Adele breaks yet another record, this time one of MJ’s! 39 weeks in the top 5 is astounding, I’m happy for her and even happier that an artist that makes real music is having such success in todays superficial market place. Congrats boo!

Rihanna “Talk That Talk” Sales Predictions!

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Sources are putting her at about 200k, not too far off from the 4x platinum “Loud”. It shifted 207,000 copies when it was released in the 4th quarter of 2010!

The authorities expected the album to perform a little better it’s first week, given the success of “Loud” and Rihanna’s 2 current singles, both top 20 hits right now..

Rihanna’s strength is at radio and Billboard’s Hot 100! We’ll leave big debuts to other artist…

BTW: I’ve been spinning “Talk That Talk” for the last few days, the review will likely be posted tonight or tomorrow!

Drake “Take Care” Full Album Review!!!

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Beautiful, surprising, refreshing and brilliant, not quit the mixtape that got him signed but it’s from the same place..

This album is a breath of fresh air, the best I’ve heard from him on his own in years!

Highlighted Tracks:

1. The Crew FT The Weekend

2. We’ll Be Fine FT Birdman

3. Make Me Proud FT Nicki Minaj

4. Over My Dead Body

5. Marvin’s Room

Those are the best tracks on the album, the ones I can’t stop spinning but “We’ll Be Fine” is my absolute favorite, one of his best ever!

He’s almost matchless on the pens but his honesty is unparalleled.. He holds nothing back in his writing, really speaking his whole heart, that paired with seamless production and asst from some of the industries brightest (Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, BirdMan, The Weekend) all make this album one of the best I’ve ever reviewed. 

I doubted him, was really disappointed, underwhelmed with “Thank Me Later” but this is Drake, stripped, transparent, sincere…

TrueClefMusic Score Card:

Production: 5

Writing: 5

Vocals: 4

Listenability: 5

TrueClefMusic Rating 4.75

Cop his sh** immediately, Drizzy really went in this time!!!

Chris Brown Announces “FORTUNE” New Album & Release Details!!!

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R&B crooner Chris Brown is planning to release the latter half of his F.A.M.E & FORTUNE project in spring 2012. According to a tweet from Jive Records France, the “Look At Me Now” hitmaker will issue ‘FORTUNE’ in March 2012.

F.A.M.E set a new bar for Brown, landing him his first Billboard 200 number one album and going Gold after three weeks. ‘FORTUNE’ has a good start to giving Brown new career highs, with the single “Strip” already making noise at radio.

Outside of “Strip,” Brown is also gearing up to release another single. He recently tweeted about a possible next selection stating, “”I’m also really excited about the release of my single titled ‘BIGGEST FAN’ produced by the RUNNERS!”

Source: SingersRoom

YES!!!! Don’t know why I’m so excited because , “F.A.M.E” was JUST LIKE “Graffiti” but  masked with hard nosed, r&b/hiphop singles featuring some the industry’s most colorful characters. In actuality, the album was NOTHING like the singles he sent to radio. “Deuces” and “Look At Me Now” are his best work and make the rest of the album sound like the same pop sh** he’s been doing since his second album… 

“FORTUNE” is an opportunity for him to show us there’s more where those songs came from, that he’s not just a pop artist, using hiphop to push his album.. I have high hopes!

Vocally, he’s superior to just about every other dude currently recording r&b. He’s a great dancer and enterainer but he’ll need more tracks like “Deuces” to be labeled iconic, to be truly memorable. Goodluck bro..

Trey Songz Suing Reality TV Star Over “Yupppp”…

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R&B crooner Trey Songz is in the midst of a legal battle with reality TV star Dave Hester over the usage of the singer’s “Yuuup” signature catchphrase.

According to reports, Hester (of the A&E series “Storage Wars”) was served with a “cease and desist” from the singer’s lawyer, ordering him to immediately stop uttering the word during the show. Songz is also requesting that Hester stop selling merchandising that displays the “Yuuup” slogan that Songz has claimed to be his signature sound since 2009.

In response, Hester has filed suit against the R&B star, arguing that Trey’s usage of the word is very different from the way he says it. According to Hester’s lawsuit, he claims that Songz’ version “resembles an animal-like or non-human squeal which begins with a distinct ‘yeeee’ sound before finishing with a squeal-like ‘uuuup’ sound.”

The court documents continue to explain that Songz’ version is “distinct and different from Hester’s more monosyllabic sounding guttural auction bidding phrase … which is meant to convey the meaning of ‘yes.’ ” In other words, Hester’s use of the phrase is simply his way of saying “yes,” unlike Songz.

Hester is seeking unspecified damages and a court order preventing Songz from interfering with his usage of the phrase, which Hester claims to have trademarked back in September.

Source: SingersRoom

Wow….really? I guess it’s a legitimate argument but when did Trey Songz buy the rights to “yuppp”?? From what I know about the situation, Hester’s use of the word is totally different and NO ONE drew ANY comparisons to Trey’s…