Monica Pushes “New Life” Album Back!!!

Eager fans that were waiting to get their hands on a copy of Monica’s upcoming 7th studio album, ‘New Life,’ will have to wait a little longer. The R&B songstress recently announced the delay of the project, insisting she needs to “restructure.” 

“I wanna thank u for your love, dedication & support. RCA & I are restructuring the entire plan for the album & the entire movement,” Monica writes on Twitter. 

Keeping fan’s spirits alive that the album will be released in the future, she adds: “All is STILL IN MOTION…I Love u guys… NEW LIFE coming soon, pls continue to request Until It’s Gone at radio & video outlets. Be Blessed.” 

On ‘New Life,’ which has already issued the singles “Anything (to Find You),” produced by Missy Elliot and “Until It’s Gone,” Monica plans to re-visit the early part of her career, including 1995 single, “Why I Love You So Much,” to capture the feeling and sincerity for her new music. 

The project will also creatively reflect the musical, professional and personal growth Monica has recently experienced, including being a mother of two and new wife of L.A. Lakers star, Shannon Brown. 

News of the project’s delay come on the heels of pregnancy rumors, but for now, that’s just rumors.

Source: SingersRoom

I’m not surprised.. Niether of the singles are doing sh** at radio or on the chart. She should have delivered a stronger video for “Anything To Find You” and “Until It’s Gone” should never have seen the light of day. Niether singles match her strongest from “Still Standing” and that’s the real problem here…

Hopefully she’s going to hit the studio and record some material that matches that of the previous album. With no reality show or breakout hit like “Everything To Me” this album would have tanked! Smart move Clive!

Whether a possible pregnancy played a role in the push back in un-confirmed but once I find out, I’ll let you know!

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