Chris Brown Announces “FORTUNE” New Album & Release Details!!!

R&B crooner Chris Brown is planning to release the latter half of his F.A.M.E & FORTUNE project in spring 2012. According to a tweet from Jive Records France, the “Look At Me Now” hitmaker will issue ‘FORTUNE’ in March 2012.

F.A.M.E set a new bar for Brown, landing him his first Billboard 200 number one album and going Gold after three weeks. ‘FORTUNE’ has a good start to giving Brown new career highs, with the single “Strip” already making noise at radio.

Outside of “Strip,” Brown is also gearing up to release another single. He recently tweeted about a possible next selection stating, “”I’m also really excited about the release of my single titled ‘BIGGEST FAN’ produced by the RUNNERS!”

Source: SingersRoom

YES!!!! Don’t know why I’m so excited because , “F.A.M.E” was JUST LIKE “Graffiti” but  masked with hard nosed, r&b/hiphop singles featuring some the industry’s most colorful characters. In actuality, the album was NOTHING like the singles he sent to radio. “Deuces” and “Look At Me Now” are his best work and make the rest of the album sound like the same pop sh** he’s been doing since his second album… 

“FORTUNE” is an opportunity for him to show us there’s more where those songs came from, that he’s not just a pop artist, using hiphop to push his album.. I have high hopes!

Vocally, he’s superior to just about every other dude currently recording r&b. He’s a great dancer and enterainer but he’ll need more tracks like “Deuces” to be labeled iconic, to be truly memorable. Goodluck bro..


One Response to “Chris Brown Announces “FORTUNE” New Album & Release Details!!!”

  1. Purple Gorilla Says:

    CHRIS BROWN is Amazing!!! His vocal ability is is unique,beautiful and adeqaute and his dance move are epic the next best thing from Michael Jackson.Can’t wait to see what Comeback kid Chris Brown has to offer in Fortune.

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