Rihanna “Talk That Talk” Full Album Review!!!

“Rated R” resurrected, gritty, sexy and unmistakably the “IT GIRL”!!!

I love this album, reminds me so much of the harder sh** she was on back in 2009, more hiphop pop type sh**. “Loud” was a return to form, the “GGGB” formatting that made her such a success back in 2007 but “TTT” is…..deliciously different!

I thought we’d never see this Rihanna again, shoulda died her hair blond again so we’d know wassup, she and this album are the answer!!!

Highlighted Tracks:

1. Cockiness (Love It)

2. We Found Love

3. Talk That Talk FT Jay-Z

4. Drunk On Love

5. We All Want Love

These are the tracks that have been on heavy rotation, best the album offers. 

“Cockiness” has Billboard top 10 written all over it, sexy and provocative, radio is going to EAT IT UP! By far my favorite track on the whole album!

“We Found Love” is beautiful, Billboard’s reigning #1 single we can’t seem to get enough of and the video that’s got us jumping!

“Talk That Talk”, the title track is like “Rudeboy” meets “Run This Town”. Jay-Z is perfectly placed but under-utilized, I wanted to hear another verse from him. It’s definitely going to be a single and likely Jay’s next hit. Hope they remix it and add T.I or Kanye, more of a good thing!

This album is something new, neither I or the people are tired of the “it girl” just yet. It’s Rihanna’s time, keep giving it to us boo!

Score Card:

Production: 5

Listenability: 4

Vocals: 4

Writing: 4

TrueClefMusic Rating: 4.25


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