Rihanna Filming “Loud” Tour DVD, Orderd By Def Jam To Rest!

Rihanna’s been going and going ever since she splashed on the scene with “Pon Da Replay” back in 2005. The it girl has released an album every year since her debut and has 11 Billboard #1 singles to show for it. Astounding but it’s the same self destructive pattern that almost tore Mariah Carey apart 10 years ago… 

She’s filming her “Loud” tour dvd this month and Def Jam has ordered her to REST! Def Jam doesn’t want it’s prized possession going to pieces. As a result, the promo for “Talk That Talk” is expected to be minimal and no tour is being planned.. Rihanna will take a 6 to 8 month hiatus when promotional efforts for the new album wrap. 

Riri’s reportedly been on the phone with Beyonce looking for advise and guidance on how to handle the work load. If you saw the tour dvd for “I Am”, you know how exhausted B was towards the end of the tour, crying and almost coming undone on camera.. Show business ain’t for weak people!

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