Beyonce 2012 Album Details!!!

Beyonce is reportedly scheduled to return to the studio this spring to begin recording her 5th studio album which will be a follow up to 2011’s “4”, an epic but ill=promoted masterpiece that went nearly un-noticed by the game entirely..

Beyonce and RocNation are anxious to prove she can stand on her own two feet without her father, former manager Matthew Knowles, more importantly, the label and her fans need to see this..

B will also face a creative battle with Sony this year given the slow sales of her 4th studio effort. Some execs didn’t approve of her switch from adult contemporary pop back to her r&b roots. The sales differentials between “I Am” and “4” are strong enough for the label to force her to cut back on harder productions and hiphop elements on this project. “I Am” crossed her over and the big wigs want to see the money 2008 through 2010 brought. That said, who knows what this album is going to sound and look like, who knows who she’s going to work with.

One thing is sure, it needs to be a hit that matches the commercial successes of “I Am”. B hasn’t had a hit single in almost 4 years and industry analysis, myself included are starting to question the bases of this crown we gave her.. Other artist have achieved so much more in the past 2 years, namely, colleague and management label mate, Rihanna.

Rihanna has managed to outgun Beyonce with less talent, vocal prowess, respect and capital. She’s riding her 11th #1 single as I post this. “We Found Love” charts it’s 10th week at Billboard’s pinnacle and her “Talk That Talk” album reached platinum status in just 3 weeks. Please believe the label is presenting her with all these facts..

As of right now the album will likely see a October or November release, meaning we should hear new music in August or early September. The pressures never been on like this, good luck B!



5 Responses to “Beyonce 2012 Album Details!!!”

  1. I think her obsessive desire to quickly return back to the workplace instead of basking in the glory of motherhood and completely dedicating all of her time to her newfound infant Navy Ivory seems to be driven by her internal force to release an album that’s both appeasing to her artistic growth (under her own creative helms) and respectively radio friendly to please her fans, naysayers and magazine critics/bloggers alike. She’s doing the most.

    People need to realize that Beyoncè hasn’t had a top 10 hit since the release of the album. I love Beyoncè just like the rest of y’all but, 4 ain’t what critics caked it up to be. Beyoncè could be pissing on all of y’all and y’all would swear that it was rain from the heavens sent down to replenish the earth. Urban radio panned that album as her weakest. Only stans praised Beyoncè for releasing such “mature” content. There’s nothing mature about rocking on ya baby, putting love on top, counting down, or partying. In terms of lyricism, the I Am…is way much more romantic and y’all bitches hated that side of her. She done “killed off” Sasha so now on 4 is was just a mess. She needs to sit down and have a long mental conversation with herself about combining her sappy romantic love songs (Dangerously In Love), pop-soul quick easy pop hits (I Am…) with a rhymatic Hip Hop edge (Sasha Fierce, B’Day) or her days as “the Queen” will be numbered.

    • I love her, just hope she’s able to make peace with the label during this albums creation. She’s a great artist but she’s only going to successful in the right hands..

      • valentino Says:

        nw u ryt……………….support this fully shes a master piece in the makin

    • valentino Says:

      i wouldnt agree mre bt i stl think tht beyonce nails all here music either way nt al of us r js fans some of us r inspired n we dnt js listen to ha music we learn frm it n judgin by the way tht u critisize us u dnt really care abt beyonce and ha fans im sorry bt its tru and da lyrics of all ha songs hv a meanin.

  2. beyonce album named 4 is incrediable overhelmhing, love ya

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